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Department of Labor, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation


SIDES E-Response is a new computer-to-computer interface designed to provide employers with secure online reporting of separation and wage information about individuals filing for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. SIDES (the State Information Data Exchange System) offers a free-of-charge, nationally standardized format for employers and their agents to easily respond to UI information requests.

Using SIDES E-Response reduces follow-up phone calls, helps prevent payments to those who do not meet eligibility requirements. SIDES E-Response reduces appeals and streamlines the UI response process, reducing paperwork and saving time and money. SIDES E-Response is an easy, efficient and cost-saving alternative to providing accurate and timely information by mail. Furthermore, using this option helps keep unemployment insurance rates as low as possible by providing accurate and timely information to the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation before claims are paid. SIDES E-Response reduces employer costs allocated to handling and postage associated with paper documents.

This site guides through the enrollment process so they can begin using the timesaving SIDES E-Response system.